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My new short story. What do you think? Short stories | Work

submitted 5 hours ago by Elijah Johnson
Science-fiction short story set in a dystopian future. I've been working on it for a few months, and I'd love to start getting your feedback on it. Thank you!
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The villanelle: What it is and why you should use it Poetry | Link (

submitted 3 hours ago by Rick Sanchez
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Library in Dublin Libraries | Link (

submitted 7 hours ago by Emily Anne Bellwhether
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Trying to get published. Any tips? Publishing | Post

submitted 6 minutes ago by bumpy
I've started looking for possible publishing avenues for my novel. I've thought about just doing an e-book, but I'd really like to try the traditional route.
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The Gold Game Novellas | Work

submitted 30 minutes ago by Sussanah Rollins
Young adult historical fiction about a boy growing up in California around the time of the gold boom in 1849.
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Looking for something different to read Random Acts of Books | Post

submitted 10 hours ago by Alice O'Hara
I usually read Historical Fiction, but I'm looking for something completely different. Send me a book, and I'll pay it forward next month!
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Oh Starry Sky Poetry | Work (

submitted 1 hour ago by pizza01
I wrote this after spending a weekend in Montana. Full Comments (14)

Riots in China News | Link (

submitted 2 hours ago by John Beck
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My book is now on Amazon! Self Promos | Post

submitted 33 minutes ago by pizza01
Thank you to everyone who helped me put this together!
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I Ate A Quarter Historical Fiction Novels | Work

submitted 1 day ago by Jason Bean
A novel about a war between the Dakotas after a politician eats a quarter.
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